Kids From Cancer Families Find Support Through Community Program

Published March 30, 2015 516 Views

Rumble When cancer is present in the family, home can be a difficult place to be when you’re a kid. That’s why Crescentia Healy-True founded On Belay, an adventure based support system for kids whose families are struggling with cancer. When Crescentia was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to create a resource for her two daughters where they could form a network of friendship and support even after she was gone.

Today, On Belay serves 150 families from towns across New England, giving kids the skills and confidence to not only discover their inner resilience but to let loose, have fun and be a kid!

If you would like to find out more about On Belay and the programs they provide, visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Heather Holloway. Want to see more awesome stuff that kids do? Visit the Kids Are Awesome YouTube page, part of the HooplaHa Network…and don’t forget to smile.