Brave Bloggers Unite To End "Mom Shaming"

HacksandWhacks Published June 3, 2015

Rumble Have you ever heard of ‘mom shaming?’ Well, even if you haven’t, at some point in your life I am sure you have experienced or witnessed it. It’s when there is adult bullying targeted at moms. Well, one mom blogger had enough and decided to do something about negativity towards moms.

Julie Maida, writer at Next Life, NO Kids, started a petition on asking women to make a personal commitment to refrain from mom-shaming and or judging other moms based solely on their parenting choices. Having struggled herself with postpartum depression, Julie knew how difficult and vital it was to find judgment-free support online.

Julie asked fellow bloggers to join her in writing about their own commitments, and to spread the word about the petition. With help, it might be possible to put an end to the so-called “mom wars,” and create a platform for unconditional support for all mothers to give and receive.

The Mom Movement, as it has come to be known, now includes an all inclusive support group on Facebook, an annual month long event every May, and a website dedicated to bringing honesty, positivity, and true support to all moms. The petition has been signed and shared all over the country and the word has been spread all over the world!

You can tweet @Mommitment with your promise, make a picture and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest with #mommitment, or contact Julie directly via email.

Will you join The Mom Movement?

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Matt Walczak.

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