3 Ways Sunshine Makes You Healthy And Happy At the CT Science Center

Published July 15, 2015 14 Views

Rumble We all feel a little happier on a sunny day or riding in a car with the windows down. Sometimes the most calming place to be is sitting on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crash on the beach. Have you ever wondered why these small pleasures have such a positive impact on our lives? Check out the premier episode of the Science Behind Happiness, a brand new HooplaHa Original Series and let the happiness science expert, TJ McKenna from the Connecticut Science Center unlock the secrets behind life's simple pleasures using a little scientific reasoning.

On this pilot episode, TJ explains the reasons why sunshine makes us feel so happy. It not only gives us a boost of serotonin, elevating our mood, but even boosts our immune system, helping us live longer and happier lives.

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