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Hay Day is a ridiculously popular farm simulator for mobile phones and tablets published by Supercell. In this beginner’s guide to Hay Day, we’ll answer the most common Hay Day questions and give some pro tips to get your farm started right. If you’re new to Hay Day and need a helping hand, let’s get started!Coins are the standard currency in Hay Day. You’ll earn them by selling goods that your farm produces, and for the most part you’ll spend them on improvements to your farm.

Coins are pretty easy to come by. When visitors come to your farm, they’ll ask for goods and pay you in coins. Similarly, you can sell stuff in the roadside shop or to the order board to make coins. As you harvest and sell your farm’s goods, you’ll also level up, which will unlock new buildings to buy with your coins.

Diamonds are the premium currency in Hay Day. A “premium currency” is just something the game gives you a small amount of and generally charges you actual, real dollars for more. Not all Hay Day diamonds cost money, though!

Hay Day is a freemium mobile farming game developed and published by Supercell. Hay Day was released for IOS on June 21, 2012 and Android on November 20, 2013.[1] According to a 2013 report, Supercell earned $30 million a month from Hay Day and Clash of Clans, another game made by Supercell.[2] In 2013, Hay Day was the 4th highest game in revenue generated.[3]

The game starts off as the player's uncle is not able to take care of his farm any more, so he hands over the responsibility of caring for the farm to the player. The game starts with a scarecrow teaching the player about harvesting wheat.

By selling goods, the player earns coins, used to buy production buildings and decoration items, and experience points (XP), used to level up. Players form into "neighborhoods" in which members can assist each other when in need and use a chat function

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