Meatballs and Co.: Italian Restaurant With a Beautiful Love Story

LifeStyleInspirationPublished: August 12, 2015Updated: February 29, 2016770 views
Published: August 12, 2015Updated: February 29, 2016

He was an Italian boy from the Bronx. She was an Italian girl from the Homeland. They spent summers together on the Amalfi Coast. And before you knew it, boy and girl fell and love and wasted no time tying the knot. Joe and Katy's passion for food was deeply rooted in their heritage. Joe came from a family of restauranteurs. Katy spent countless hours in the cozy kitchen of her grandmother. Joe was ready to fall in his family's entrepreneurial footsteps. Katie was ready to help. Both of them wanted to honor their Italian roots while incorporating eclectic flavors of their surroundings. In 2013, this love story of family and food gave birth to Meatballs and Co. in Darien, CT. Today, you can visit Joe and Katy at their quaint Italian restaurant as they serve up some of the meanest Meatballs on the eastern seaboard and wrap of the meal with Katy's freshly baked cookies straight from her home oven. Joe and Katy have mastered the art of upholding family tradition by combining their passion for love, life, and a tasty bowl of meatballs.

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