Tattoos Help Breast Cancer Survivors Reclaim Their Lives After Mastectomy

Published November 3, 2015 301 Views

Rumble Please note: this video has emotional and graphic content. While our intention is to tell a beautiful story, the content - showing mastectomy scars and reconstructed breasts - can make some uncomfortable.

For some breast cancer survivors, losing their breasts was the only option. For a woman, that is a devastating loss. One tattoo artist is on a mission to help them turn their grief into confidence and hope through beautiful tattoos. was founded with a simple mission, to provide another option for women who had lost their breasts to breast cancer. Noel Franus founded the organization after his sister in law suffered from the disease and asked a tattoo artist to help her
afterwards, instead of a plastic surgeon. was created to supply women who had mastectomy’s with other options by covering their chest with beautiful art. They are to serve as reminders that they are survivors, warriors and to never give up.

Now, after bringing 50+ mastectomy tattoos to life, the organization continues to expand across North America for survivors everywhere. They currently work with a small network of 10 pre-screened artists across North America. Through donations survivors can book time with the artists to transform their wounds into warrior marks!

"Breast cancer doesn't have to leave the last mark."

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