An Up High, High Five Movement Brightens Everyone’s Day

LifeStyleInspirationPublished: November 16, 2015Updated: February 29, 20169 views
Published: November 16, 2015Updated: February 29, 2016

One very uplifting young man knows the power of a high five. When Jeremy Grace noticed a friend was having a bad day, he flipped up his hand and gave her a high five. Noticing the positive effect it had on her mood, he decided to give out high fives all day... starting the Up High Movement!

The Up High Movement spreads happiness, anti-bullying, positivity and mental health awareness through the simple notion of a high five. His high fives started to change the mood of students, increase mental health and increase happiness. Jeremy, who has cerebral palsy, hopes to raise awareness to anti-bullying and mental health. The movement was started when Jeremy was in high school and he doesn't plan on stopping now that he is in college; it is only getting bigger and better!

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