GiGi's Playhouse, A Safe Place For People With Down Syndrome

LifeStyleInspirationPublished: December 8, 2015Updated: February 29, 201626 views
Published: December 8, 2015Updated: February 29, 2016

People with disabilities can have a hard time learning or fitting in. If people aren't properly informed or educated they may not understand this lifestyle. People with Down syndrome need special attention to help them learn and grow.

GiGi's Playhouse, founded in 2003 in Illinois, is a Down syndrome achievement center that offers educational and therapeutic programs at no charge to families with down syndrome. Their program is designed for the entire lifespan of people with Down Syndrome. Its mission is to increase positive awareness of down syndrome. All programs aim to maximize self-confidence and empower individuals to achieve their greatest potential. Kids can explore, learn and grow in a safe environment. Parents do the same, while connecting with their kids! GiGi's has grown to over 30 locations with 25k participants.

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