Fishermen Save Beached Blue Whale Off The Coast Of Chile

Published December 30, 2015 992 Plays

Rumble Fishermen in Chile had the struggle of their lifetimes when they encountered a beached up 65-foot blue whale. When they encountered the animal gasping for air, the men knew exactly what had to be done.

The men undertook a lengthy rescue operation in order to tow the massive animal back where it belongs. This video footage shows all sorts of people teaming up to tie ropes around the animal and tow it back into the sea.

Surfers and fishermen, as well as regular folk, got in the waters of the Pacific to rock the animal’s huge body back and forth in order to coerce it back towards the deep. Fishermen tied several thick ropes around the whale and attached them to their boats, so that they may pull the blue whale further into the ocean. Some 3 miles away from shore, the whale was cut free from the ropes and was able to swim away. The rescuers celebrated their triumph, pleased to enable the magnificent creature to live to see another day.

Maritime governor of Iquique, Navio Gaston Guerrero, said: “It is important to highlight the support of the authorities, fishermen, and civilians who helped accomplish this difficult but gratifying rescue, showing that by working together they were able to successfully achieve their objective.

These types of strandings happen out for multiple reasons. Whales usually get stranded because of natural and environmental factors, if they were following a pod of dolphins or simply because of a military sonar in the area.