Parrot loses it after seeing turtle's reflection in mirror

makarovaPublished: December 28, 2015Updated: December 30, 20152,834,941 viewsVirality: 22%
Published: December 28, 2015Updated: December 30, 2015

A turtle calmly munches away on some vegetables while a parrot goes absolutely nuts upon seeing its reflection in the mirror. Or maybe the parrot is trying to make a new friend? Either way it's hilarious to watch!

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      Pikkukissa · 10 weeks ago

      It's not a parrot!!!

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        misscheryl524 · 2 days ago

        A Cockatiel is most certainly a Parrot

        • 2 rumbles
          kev596 · 1 day ago

          How come it can't say words then?

          • 1 rumble
            TMK12 · 1 day ago

            Is that even a serious question?? Parrots aren't born knowing how to say human words, they have to be taught. Cockatiels can learn them just like any other parrot. This one has either never been taught or is simply not saying the ones he knows.

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      kellym · 1 day ago

      lol... my big guard dog heard the PARROT making noises..........and got out of bed in other room.. .ran in here worried some little animal was in here... and stared at the computer screen... I had to let him know it was okay... just a little bird... he is on couch still keeping an eye on computer and listening for that little noise.. lol..... funny... usually birds look in mirrors if one is in its usual place to hang out.. wonder why seeing the extra turtle bothered it so much? then runs up to mirror to stare at it... hahaa