Man Develops High Speed And Goes Flying Off The Slip And Slide Set

Published December 2, 2015 1,846,020 Views

Rumble / Epic FailsThere's no better way to cool off from the summer heat than with some epic slip and slides set up in the backyard! The only thing that would be better is watching some hilarious slip and slide fails! You won't be able to resist laughing out loud at this man’s hilarious fail! Enjoy!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a man sort of flying on the slip and slide set! This guy decided to give the slip 'n slide a go, but didn’t expect to develop high speed which served as a red flag for his hilarious landing in the end! We bet he never expected for the slide to shoot him off in the bushes! Hilarious!

Sometimes a viral video can serve as a lesson in physics. This big man's slip 'n slide fail is here to serve as a lesson for people to calculate their moves before they engage in such adventure. A big man in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. This big guy gets some serious momentum on this soapy slip 'n slide and he ends up launching off the end of it. Summer fun often ends with a big bang!

Sometimes we don't know what we are getting ourselves into. Occasionally, that's what makes for a good story. You can bet that this video will be going around for some time throughout his family! Watch as this guy gets some big air on the slip 'n slide and doesn’t know what’s about to happen! Moments later, when he realizes that he is moving faster than he expected, he prays to land on something soft, but he ends up face-planting into a bush!

This generous man gave us a short lesson in physics when he demonstrated how a large body in motion won’t stop when expected if it develops high speed on the run. Big ships work this way which is why they have to cut power to the engines long before they want to become dead in the water. We hope this guy was fine as it appears he landed into a small tree or a bush. We hope the plant survived as well!

As the large man starts to slide down the small slide it first looks like he may not make it up the hill. However, he somehow develops speed and makes it to the end of the slide, much to everyone’s surprise! Then, the funniest thing happens! The slide shoots him off into a near bush. Hilarious! We hope this inglorious landing didn’t get hurt from this unfortunate experience!

In another video we witness another man going wild on the slip n’ slide for a little bit of summer time. Sébastien St. Martin took some friends out for an amazing day of fun in the sun on a 130-foot-long Slip-N-Slide! It was made by using a 4mm plastic sheet (polythene). This will definitely make you want summer to come faster!

They say that when life knocks you down, you just need to brush yourself off and get up again. Well the little girl from this other video is the perfect embodiment of that old saying which implies that if you fail, you should try and try again until you succeed! Footage shows an obstacle course that keeps on knocking her down, but she won't stop getting back up on it! Adorable! This is what fighters are made of! Way to go girl!