Comcast RC1475507/02B Universal 3-Device Remote Control

ReplacementRemotesPublished: November 19, 2015
Published: November 19, 2015

This is a brief overview of the Comcast RC1475507/02B remote control. Click here to order this remote:
RC1475507/02B Operating Manual and Codes

Used with models: 1056B01, A041402, C061702, DRC400, DRC425, EXPLORER2000, G032903, G054603, RC1475507/02B Operating Manual and Codes, RRDVR800 Manual, URC1057BG0
Product description

Model: RC1475507/02B
Part Number: RC1475507/02B
Catalogue No.: 65677
This remote controls units: Cable Box, 3-Device Universal
Battery Required: 2 AA

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