Swimsuit Gives Woman Wedgie As She Takes A Poor Jump Off Boat

Published November 19, 2015 295,342 Views

Rumble / Epic FailsThis is the hilarious moment when a woman is preparing to jump off a boat and dive into the beautiful blue water. However, things took an unexpected turn!

Footage shows elderly couple relaxing on a boat and enjoying the beautiful aquamarine water underneath them. The woman is narrating their trip and is apparently getting ready to in the water. Moments later, the woman gently slides off the side of the boat and slowly leaps into the water.

However, as she jumps in, her bathing suit gets stuck on the edge of the boat and gives her an instant wedgie. As the lady makes a leap of faith jumping in the water, so goes the bottom part of her swimming suit, as it rips in two.

The poor woman may have hoped to disembark from the boat with grace and poise, but her landing didn’t go exactly the way she planned. The moment she leaps into the water, she realizes that something is dragging her behind, and she makes the most adorable surprising faces and unexpected noises. When she falls into the water she is already left red-faced with embarrassment. She crashes into the water and makes a big splash!

Thankfully, her the water is shallow so she is able to stand on her two feet and enjoy her clumsiness. Her husband can be heard laughing hard behind the camera, encouraging her to swim away and show her newly ‘designed’ bathing suit for the camera.

It is adorable how things can take unexpected turns when you least expect it. Nonetheless, even the most horrible events can become better if you add humor to them! Fortunately, the entire thing was caught on camera and judging by the screams, it sounds incredibly painful and will definitely leave a mark.