Unsuspecting Pilot Captures Close Encounter With Flying Eagle

Published November 10, 2015 282,567 Views

Rumble / Close CallsTry not to blink, because you might miss it! This footage shows the moment a very cool pilot named Luca C. was forced into an evasive maneuver when en eagle came flying straight for the windshield of his aircraft!

The one minute video shows pilot Luca as he is approaching a runway in Switzerland. He's flying solo and is about to touch down. Everything seems to be going according to plan, when all of a sudden the big bird comes shooting towards the propeller, screeching!

The pilot kept his cool though and made a short and swift tilt to the left, to make sure that bird doesn't it's untimely end and make a red mess all over the windshield. The eagle seems to be making the same maneuver on his side, which sends him flying towards the right-hand side of the airplane with a scream. That was a very close call!

Immediately after this incident, the pilot gathered himself from the nearly devastating experience with a shout of relief and managed to land his plane safely on the runway. The video has gathered over 260 thousand views!

This might look like a unique thing to experience while flying an aircraft, but we would beg to differ. According to NBC, two pilots in Dallas were forced to make an emergency landing after a bird shattered their windscreen earlier this year!