Man who doesn't skateboard learns to kickflip in hours

itchycoophotoPublished: November 10, 20152,984,001 views
Published: November 10, 2015

Have you ever wanted to do something cool but was put off by how long it would take to learn that? Mike Boyd wanted to see how long it would take to learn a particular skill. He chose skateboarding and set the milestone at a kick flip. He then recorded every second of learning and made this incredible video. It only took him 5 hours and 47 minutes to land one! Check out 'mikeboydphoto', 'itchycoophoto', and 'mikeboydphoto' for more! This is one insane video that you do not want to miss!

Good job Mike! He set his mind to accomplish something and he ended up doing it! It just goes to show you that when you persevere through a difficult challenge, you will end up conquering it in the end! Hard work really does pay off! Mike sets a great example that everyone should follow!

Mike really did work hard to master this trick! It was hilarious when he actually bought shin pads to protect himself when practicing this trick! It seems that the second skateboard he got really did make all the difference as the first one was pretty bad. He could have got some of the best skateboards from Amazon instead of the bad one. None the less, Mike destroyed this trick!

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