Taiwan Artist Turns Discarded Mobile Phones Into Modern Art

Published November 2, 2015 1 Plays

Rumble Where do mobile phones go when they are no longer fashionable or usable? Where does all that hi-tech end up after we are not interested in it anymore? More often than not, our formerly beloved gadgets pile up in toxic-waste sites posing serious health risks to people. Well, not always.

A new piece of artwork has been installed in a high school in Taiwan. It is a car made out of used mobile phones. The man behind the sculpture is Lin Chi Pao, a Taiwanese artist who spent the past four years and some US$30,000 collecting discarded mobile phones from around the world. Lin used glue and nails to attach the phones to a wooden frame. The piece weighs in about two tons, including the wood and the total of 25,000 mobile phones. Lin said that the idea behind the project was to draw attention to recycling high-class trash.

“This is modern art made from recycled first class garbage. It is just like a statue which must be very slowly carved. I carved it for four months. With this you can see the progression of art from traditional to modern, all produced by a high-class garbage,” says Lin, the author of the artwork.

The car was unveiled at Lin’s former high school in Taipei City, just in time for the annual school concert. Students inspected the work and marveled at the color scheme. Some even participated in the creation of the art piece by helping collect the phones for the artist.