Cat and dog have epic stare down

WoodlandWolfPublished: October 9, 20159,020 views
Published: October 9, 2015

A cat and dog have an epic stare down that ends in a chase.

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      Sunstreaker ยท 2 years ago

      Add a comment...Really? Is his supposed to be *cute* or something???? This is abuse, pure and simple. I can't believe this disgusting video is allowed on here. We don't know what happened to the cat. Did the dog kill it? Why would the people just sit there and not do anything??? The cat is not staring in a mean way at the dog, the cat is terrified and doesn't want to be killed by the HUGE MONSTER DOG. The dog is NOT afraid of the cat, it's waiting for it to run so it could hurt the cat! You can see at the very end that it trips the cat or the cat trips. I'm so sorry I even watched this. How could this be allowed to be posted when the people who posted it don't say if the cat got away???? Some people do care about the welfare of others. The people who posted this video obviously do not.