7 years ago

Adorable Cat Admires Himself In The Mirror

This video is priceless! Caesar the cat enjoys checking out his reflection in the mirror, why wouldn't he? It's always nice to look your best. He just always want to give a nice impression! His facial expressions in the mirror are priceless! Is he trying out for an upcoming acting job? If he does wan't to audition for a role, i'm sure he will get the part! He looks surprised to see a reflection of himself, maybe he thinks there are two of him! Wouldn't that be exciting? Sadly, the mirror doesn't have the power to do that but at least he can look at himself whenever he wants!

His stares intently at the mirror, maybe he is trying to have a staring contest with himself! So funny! When it looks like he is finally done checking himself out in the mirror, he goes right back to it and continues to stare deeply into the mirror, he just can't get enough of his adorable face, which makes sense, he is one cute cat!

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Does your cat like to admire itself in a mirror? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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