~**American Liberation**~

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Published: September 3, 2015


Items: First Aide, Eye wash, Gas mask, blankets, food, body armor, any type of defence, all recording devices, tents, sources of shade, water and food. We must prepare to stay for weeks if needed. Kids deter violence, bring your children. Be prepared to take hits and stand your ground. When there are fights we will move the children to the center, protecting them ourselves. Bring all you can, not just what you need for yourself. Megaphones only to be used to remind people this is not a protest but a peaceful gathering. This is a stand for freedom.

Rules: We will publicly shun all who attempt to aggravate, argue, or fight. They will be peacefully removed and ignored immediately. This must not be labelled a protest in any way. It must remain a peaceful gathering. Actions speak louder than words and if this is to succeed these rules must be followed absolutely. We intend to camp and picket the government capital buildings for each state peacefully. We will slowly not allow anyone inside the building to conduct government work. We will cease all traffic on the block surrounding the state capital building and we plan to stay there as long as it takes to shut out the government 100%. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. If we fail we will fall under martial law, spreading to round-ups, ending in internment camps and death. Plans are in place and have been built for some time. It is not hard to find the info, if you don't know already. Please learn these pdfs and print off as many copies as you can for distribution: http://www.actupny.org/documents/CDdocuments/ACTUP_CivilDisobedience.pdf http://www.civicsandcitizenship.edu.au/verve/_resources/FQ2_Simplified_Version_Dec.pdf https://ccrjustice.org/sites/default/files/assets/Legal%20Briefing%20for%20CD%20NSM.pdf http://www.twyman-whitney.com/constitutiontest/constitutionplainenglish.pdf http://www.urban75.org/mayday/safety.html


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