10 facts you didn't know about hamburgers

Published August 21, 2015 24 Plays

Rumble / Health & FitnessFun trivia fact: did you know that 60% of all sandwiches consumed are hamburgers? Can you guess how many burgers per second are sold at McDonalds?

What's all the hubbub about hamburgers, you ask? User 'HooplaHa' shares with us 10 facts about burgers that you never knew! Not only will this be food for thought, but it will likely turn into an uncontrollable craving for this classic American Memorial Day sandwich!

Here’s another one for yah: do you know how many burgers do Americans eat in a year? The amount could circle the planet 32 times, making Earth the ONLY planet in the universe with a ring of hamburgers! Watch the video to find out more about this fact and plenty others!