7 years ago

Epic fail: Airbag prank goes terribly wrong

Pranks can be both the most harmless and the most foul things that you can do to anyone. Forget about the cream pie in the face – people have gotten very creative as time progressed, using all sorts of props to make someone's day turn upside down for a good belly laugh.

You've seen the car horns, you've seen the electrocuting handshake, but have you seen the airbag blowing straight into a man's rear end? Yup, you heard that right.

Bunch of friends in Bulgaria have decided to prank one of their friends into thinking he will participate into something harmless. The man, who's nickname is Klendi, is presented as the main hero of the clip. Klendi asks if the packed airbag inside the two car tires will throw him up in the air, but his friends comfort him in the opposite. So he trusts his friends and sits down on the contraption.

This is when every neuron in your brain would probably be screaming “don't do it!", but hey, how harmful can a little fun be, right? The guy behind the camera starts counting backwards from five, barely able to hold his laughter and when he gives the cue, we see Klendi being shot probably 6 feet up in the air, landing on his feet. Ouch.

Don't worry, the man did not suffer any serious injuries. We hope.

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