Little Boy Has Priceless Reaction After Hugging Girl For The First Time

8 years ago

Ah, young love. Most people look forward to having their first kiss, but this little guy was more excited about something else. Little Will was filled with excitement after hugging a girl for the very first time. You can see him happy with joy after hugging the nearby little girl. He breaks into a joyous screech accompanied by an equally happy clap for himself, followed by some jumping around.

He enjoyed his first hug so much that he went for a second. And then a third. He wanted so many that eventually, the girl said no, but he wasn't down in spirit, Will continued with his post-hug routine even after he was denied. What a high spirited kid, oozing with enough joy to have it rub off on the people around him.

Young children do exciting things, to say the least. Will loves hugs so much that it's all he wants to do, and there's nothing wrong with that. He's got enough love to give to everyone! If only we were still as free-spirited as they are. It seems that adulthood robs us of these little joys when there are more pressing and ominous matters at hand, but it’s always amazing to have younguns remind us to enjoy life. It’s the little things that count, and we shouldn’t ever forget that. Check out the toddler's priceless reaction! It will have you in tears of laughter for sure!

His reaction is so adorable!! No matter how old you are, the first crush is something you will remember forever, and this boy has that moment caught on camera. A memory that will make him happy all his life!

Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication, whether is between two kids whose love is pure and unconditional, or two people who love each other with all their hearts, or a sister and brother who share sibling love and want to show respect and love.

This video of a Little girl who greets big brother with hugs every day after school will make you appreciate and love your sibling even more!

This little girl can’t wait to see her brother come home after school. Every afternoon, she remains with her mom for the school bus to stop at their driveway. And every day she eagerly waits for her brother to step off the bus so she can run and give him a big hug. Isn’t that amazing?

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