Dog Punches Garbage Can To Get His Owner's Attention

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Published: July 7, 2015Updated: April 22, 2016

Some dogs can get pretty creative when they feel like they do not get enough attention from their owners. They always seem to find new ways of fooling them around the house. In this adorable clip, we see a bored dog punching the garbage can only to catch owner’s attention. Hilarious!

There have been lots of videos that show dogs jumping around their homes, dragging carpets or maybe even your shoes, barking and howling. But what you are about to see is a rare phenomenon… at least till now.

It would seem that Poven the poodle had just woken up from his nap to find out that he has been left all alone. His owners are nowhere to be found...or so he thinks. His owner is actually hiding right behind an entryway, camera in hand, on and ready, to film his dog’s hilarious way of getting some post-nap attention.

Dogs are in so many ways just like children, they want to get involved in whatever the adults are doing. In this hilarious video, we see a dog trying to make himself noticeable for owner by smacking the trash can, making loud noises. Is this the cutest puppy in the world trying to get some attention! Adorable!

After finding no one to cuddle with, the adorable poodle runs towards the garbage can in the kitchen and literally punches it. The metal can moves from its post by the counter with an audible clank, but nothing else happens.

At first it looks like Poven is just one well-mannered pooch, helping out around the house instead of just being the pet, taking out the garbage and what not. But after giving it a closer look, it is beyond evident that Poven does not want to help anyone else but himself. That whole act of punching the can is just to get himself back into the center of his owner’s attention!

This adorable pooch sure knows how to make owners notice him and it's hilarious! Take a look at his unique way of saying he is bored and desperately seeking attention. He won’t stop until he gets it!

Footage shows this spoiled dog seeking constant affection from owner. It is as if the needy pooch screams “Show me some love”. This adorable pooch is evidently very grumpy and isn’t shy to act like a spoiled child until he gets his necessary dose of attention from his owner! Hilarious!

This needy pooch is very displeased that its owner isn't giving him enough attention. Watch as he punches the garbage can, only to make some noise and make himself noticeable in the ears of his owner. It is adorable to see him throw the cutest temper tantrum in some incognito mode, while he acts completely nonchalant maintaining a poker face expression at all times. Have you ever seen a more needy dog?

Little does Poven know that he actually is the center of attention - the camera’s attention! It looks like someone has been trying to get owner’s attention by making the loudest noises possible. Unlike Poven, Jasper here got into the garbage can and got stuck in the process. This video features one guilty-faced dog trying to hide his obvious misbehavior!

Dogs may look guilty when they are being told off by their owner for misbehaving, but they don't feel shame, according to animal behaviorists. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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