A Hungry Bear Came To This Man’s Window – His Next Move is Pure Gold. Simply Amazing!

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeNot all encounters with wild animals can be like Snow White does it in her fairy tale. We would like to believe that all we have to do is wave our hands and the animals will decide to be friendly with us, but it is a terrible mindset to have and we strongly advise against it! That’s often the reason that many people are attacked by wild animals.

However, it seems <a href="https://rumble.com/v3t0zv-.-..html?mref=8102&mrefc=107" target="_blank">bears in Siberia</a> are actually kindred spirits with the human populating the area, as this clip could show. An oil worker in Kolyma, a region located in the Russian Far East, captured footage showing the moment when a <a href="https://rumble.com/v3389k-curious-bear-crosses-the-road.html?mref=8102&mrefc=108" target="_blank">curious bear</a> came right up to his workstation window!

The bear stuck his head into the workman’s cabin, hoping to find something tasty inside. Any person elsewhere in the world would have screamed their lungs our calling for help, but not this tough Russian dude. The man started handing out cookies to the hungry creature, giving it way more than he had bargained for.

The bear takes each cookies one by one, but chows them down with the worst of table manners before waiting for a new one. The men coo and coax the hungry bear saying “Don’t rush, eat carefully", “there you go, good boy" and “someone wants to play, I think".

How close would you get to a wild bear poking their nose for some chow?


  • rfrost, 1 year ago

    What? No milk?

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  • rfrost, 1 year ago

    It makes me so angry that people would be so disrespectful to animals that they would subject them to this! I mean, how can you expect the bear to eat all those cookies with no milk! Cruelty! :) (The preceding message was a joke...I love this!)

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  • Jimbo68000000, 1 year ago

    Couldn’t you have given him a glass of milk to go with those delicious cookies.

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