Watch a rescued pit bull experience the beach for the first time

LittleThingsVideoPublished: June 8, 2015Updated: October 7, 201594,585 viewsVirality: 4%
Published: June 8, 2015Updated: October 7, 2015

Who doesn't love the feeling of sand between your toes?

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      mikesanchez · 22 weeks ago

      I wish I could send this message to Trevor but I guess telling the person who posted it, Naama, is just as good, after all if you posted it you must have heard and felt much the same way as I did when I heard it. I have spent my life chasing ppl, trying to gain their acceptance and companionship. I thought I was happy in long term relationships that in the end didn't last and left me broken when the ppl I loved were removed from my existence. A part of my soul that has never changed and only gotten stronger is my love for animals. I advocate and activate as often and as loudly as I can for animal freedom and animal lives, and as I searched FB for those ppl I chase I came across a rescued dog video that had this song in the vid. It made me cry like a baby, I like to think of myself as "immersed" in music, after all its what I spend a great deal of time doing, but I never heard this song before, it was SO touching. I feel like Trevor is wrote a song for me about me, when I heard this in that video today I finally knew my calling for sure.."it took a while for ME to find ME" That's it! I am studying community and organizational leadership, with emphasis on non-profit, and I intend to build a no-kill animal sanctuary and rescue center...its my calling and this song cemented that. I don't need those ppl to chase anymore, those animals will give me unconditional love no matter what and me the same to them, if the right woman happens to come along while I am working with these animals then great but I am not gonna chase anymore, ...It took awhile for ME to find me...