Lone Wolf Meet Lone Wolf Unit

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Published: May 31, 2015

As the war on terror becomes more prevalent, the U.S. Government assigns an undisclosed team of Agents with no civil liberty restrictions, in an effort to take down the lone wolf terrorists.

SYNOPSIS: The Lone Wolf Unit is an unofficial subsection of the (C.I.P.) Critical Infrastructure Protection Agency, deployed by executive order in an effort to combat lone wolf individuals. In this concept drama, a crack team of Agents fly from Washington DC to the focal points of their dangerous subjects. There they analyze, compose and immediately terminate the threat. Team leader in charge of the unit, Special Agent Mitch Dobbs has the most difficult decision of making the call to terminate a lone wolf subject. Psychic medium and a more by the book, Agent Cynthia Culp struggles with the Agency’s primary objective, while Agent Darren Coleman and Agent Zane Potter are reluctant participants in the Agency’s unconventional methods. The sapient Agent Oliver Choi is great on everything except relationships and his 3D virtual assistant Penelope who can access the NSA secure database can be a charm. The unit is also being advised by the nation’s top psychologist, Dr. Dennis Lawlor and former-CIA operative Agent Hilary Wessel. For more details and interest on Lone Wolf Unit TV-Show

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