Little Tot Doesn't Know How To React After Tasting Lemon For The First Time

Published March 25, 2015 96,227 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe’ve said it once and we’ll probably say it a hundred thousand times again, babies are incredible. They are a blank page waiting to be written on, a tiny sponge with the capacity to soak up all of the information available on this planet and beyond.

It seems that apart from the ability to collect data, they are also mighty fearless. You’ve heard it right, they tend to go into unchartered territories without any preamble or precaution. They just dive right in expecting the worst but hoping for the best. The little daredevils would do anything and everything they have to in order to obtain knowledge and their determination would make grown men jealous.

The prime example is this little baby boy who isn’t afraid to tackle the chapter in life titled “how to taste lemons and survive.” The tot happily puts that nasty slice of lemon inside his mouth, not expecting his palates to scream in agony. He wants it all to go away but he’s also hooked on the feeling of the acidity in his mouth, so he sucks on the lemon juice a bit more. His slobbery face can’t get any cuter as he’s trying to smile and act brave all the while cursing the lemon slice to the heavens and back.

Do you remember your first experience with a lemon wedge? Did you like it or not? Make sure you tell us your side of the story in the comments down below.

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