Guy Shows True Mastery Spinning A Jar On A Frozen Lake

Published November 13, 2014 2,667,841 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThe never-ending spinning bottle. Some would say that the best entertainment is free entertainment, and here is some evidence to support that. All you need is an empty jar and a frozen lake. You can tell that these men spent a ton of time enjoying making the bottle spin while trying to pass the time. This would definitely keep the majority of us occupied for quite some time.

This video has got to make you wonder how these men came across this phenomena. And why did they have a jar on them at the time they went to the frozen lake? It makes you wonder. For all we know, he could have a skill when it comes to spinning jars, and he decided that showing off his talent at the lake would result in a cool outcome (which it did).

Check out the odd skill this guy shows off as he spins an empty jar bottle on top of a frozen lake in Russia, only using his foot! It's so mesmerizing! Now that takes some serious talent!

More often than not, most young people see a frozen lake as an opportunity to go ice-skating, but some kids in Russia decided to be a little bit more creative and play with a glass jar on the ice. Either this jar is a spinning pro or this is the smoothest lake ever! What do you think?

Lakes are amazing! However, the cold of winter elevates them to another level! Frozen lakes create amazing patterns and sound too! Just take a look at this astonishing video! This rock skipping across a frozen lake makes a very interesting sound!

The person stands in front of a recently frozen lake with rocks all around them. They pick up one of the rocks and decide to throw in onto the frozen lake only for the unexpected to happen. The rock bounces on the lake and creates a sound out of this world. The sound is almost like something out of a sci-fi movie! You really have to see it believe it, or in this case, hear it believe it!

Nature is truly something astonishing! Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude! It truly amazing to see frozen lakes making sounds like this or sometimes looking like art! From jagged lines and perfect frozen bubbles to the most incredibly shaped snowflakes with every imaginable shade of blue, green and white.

We are so impressed by frozen lakes and how stunning they look! This family’s frozen frolic on clear utah lake captured on video!

This is one of those videos that will leave you in awe! Utah resident Justin McFarland captured video as he and his family enjoyed a New Year’s Day ice skate on the frozen Pineview Reservoir near Ogden River Canyon, Utah. McFarland told that the ice was clear and reflective due to the perfect combination of freezing temperatures without snowfall. He estimated the ice to be about five inches thick! Mesmerizing!

Credit to 'seilovtim'.


  • sistrozzie, 3 years ago

    I love the sound when someone skitters rocks across frozen water (lake). It has a musical echo to it.

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  • jason105j, 2 years ago

    Its basic physics

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  • Mlieske2017, 2 years ago

    They should've just left the bottles alone just to see how long those bottles went spinning! I definitely would have ♡ to see that!

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