Dog Protects Baby From 'Angry' Mother During Training

Published November 5, 2014 866,403 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOur pets are our companions, but you can train your pet also to be yours and your close one's guardian as well. This woman puts her dog to the test in this controlled training exercise and records his reaction after he witnesses her baby in potential "danger."

The woman appears to be angry and acting like trying to hit the child by smacking on the crib with rolled paper and a stick. The dog's barks at her after each hit then jumps and decides to take whatever is in her hands away. After each successful attempt, she praises him for his excellent job.

The clip has been all over the Internet, with people commenting that what the mother is doing is insane and the child should be taken away from her. If you pay closer attention to the baby, you will notice that the child is undisturbed and unhurt.

Although not all dogs can be protective of their owner's younglings, training can be crucial if you want to teach your dog to pay particular close attention to the safety of your child. Training a dog requires a test in a simulated and controlled environment, so what this mother is doing as actually pretty safe. If you are still uncertain of the method, consult a specialist trainer.

We have said it a million times, that dogs can be the best protectors, babysitters, friends and furry siblings to babies. How amazing it is to know that your dog will protect your child and will guard it so that nothing wrong will happen to him. Dogs are amazing, and we think that every baby should grow with a dog. Is like having a best friend and security at the same time! How cool is that?

Dogs tend to develop a special bond with babies, and they always make sure nothing bad happens to them. We have another amazing video, where a dog protects newborn baby from sun in his eyes and it’s super cute!

In this video, a pet dog named Snowball is seen giving special attention to a newborn baby. This priceless moment captured on film is fun to watch for several reasons. One of those reasons is a simple fact that children and pets are near and dear out hearts. Newborns invariably attract an audience of adoring parents and family members. Snowball has discerned that the baby is exceptional, and acts accordingly.