Excited Dog Jumps Through Field Of Tall Grass In Kangaroo Style

megan_lurcherPublished: October 21, 2014Updated: January 26, 2018270,958 views
Published: October 21, 2014Updated: January 26, 2018

This is the adorable moment when a dog goes ecstatic with the sensation of jumping through tall grass fields and merrily bounces in kangaroo style!

Watch this hilarious footage as Megan the Lurcher hops around a crop field with her best friend Molly, the Jack Russell, on a warm sunny day! She is the pure definition of the happiest dog in the world!

When you see this bunny hopping dog you may be wondering what have causes such an unusual behavior. Dogs that engage in bunny hopping are picking up their back legs at the same time, a movement that reminds us of how rabbits or kangaroos hop. This behavior is often seen in young dogs, but sometimes adult dogs can engage in it as well.

Hopping through tall grass often causes dogs to jump like kangaroos. This particular video of a dog, happily hopping through a tall field of grass almost resembles a canine personification of a kangaroo. Adorable! In addition, some dogs will also instinctively bounce and hop when a ball is being tossed in tall grass. It is sure a fun behavior to watch!

Footage shows a dog merrily hopping and it looks like it is pouncing, a hunting strategy used by predators to hunt down some small critters. The pouncing help predators to flush the critter out from its hiding spot and catch it.

If you want to know what true happiness looks like, check out this hopping kangaroo-like dog. This happy dog is in heaven as he runs and jumps through a the crop field! Cuteness overload!

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