Big Lion Has A Nice Bath On A Sunny Day

Tag Published October 16, 2014 1,160 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever watched a movie of some rich guy with a big house and a lion as a pet and wondered how can he have a lion as a pet? For years, we have successfully kept dozens of species of wild animals alive in captive settings, although the debate over whether or not they’re thriving is one for another day. The process of simply keeping big cats in homes does not mean the species as a whole has been domesticated, nor does it mean that a specific individual is domesticated. Nowadays that question is getting more solved as big cats are getting more and more popular in a lot of homes.

Big cats such as lions and tigers are awe-inspiring, beautiful animals. People are often intrigued by keeping big wild cats as pets. Would you consider a big cat as a pet? On a hot sunny day this male lion takes a moment with his owner and enjoys a refreshing cool down! If you need a heart-warming moment to turn your day around, take a look at this. A lion cub has some fun and a nice bath on a sunny day! We can see that he really loves those rubs and they way his owner gives him hugs and kisses!So fascinating!

Amazing video that will warm our hearts and make you wanna give him a big hug to this big cat! So cute!