Monkey Wants To Ride Dog Like A Horse, Dog Thinks Otherwise

Published September 2, 2014 300 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis tiny primate might have been watching way too many cowboy movies, because what he tries to attempt in this video is unlikely at best! MonkeyBoo, the 5-year-old Capuchin monkey thought that Sam the Scotch Collie might do as a purebred stallion, but Sam didn’t seem to agree with the monkey’s desires.

We see MonkeyBoo lunge bravely towards the fluffy dog, inspect him up close for a while and starts hiding between his front and back legs. Sam looks confused, but we guess he thought the monkey was just playing, so he let him go. The distraction technique worked, because as soon as the dog turns forward, MonkeyBoo jumps on his back and latches on tightly!

It seems Sam didn’t like where this is going, because as soon as he feels the monkey’s tight grip in his fur, he starts fidgeting left and right, trying to push the primate off. It’s like a rodeo down there!

Those western movies sure paid off, because the monkey can really call himself a cowboy! No matter how many times the dog turns left, then right, the monkey would not budge! Get off, silly! Eventually, MonkeyBoo gets tired of the rodeo and climb down for some more playtime.

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