Fad Diets – Why are They Bad for You?

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Published on 10 Aug, 2013

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Many people have already experienced the amazing results of a fad diet. However, there is a tendency for them to put their weight back on sooner or later because quick weight loss is something that is not healthy for the human body. To put it simply, it can take a serious toll on you. Thus, nothing really beats a sound exercise and nutrition plan because it is the only plan that works effectively in the long run.

If you attempt to cheat your body fat off by simply gulping down the newest diet pill craze, don’t expect too much; your fats will cme back to haunt you again. It is just a matter of when. Do you remember the fad that Hydroxycut had a few years ago? The FDA has recalled 14 Hydroxycut diet aids as they have grave health issues linked with them, which include liver damage. To tell you the truth, the best place to get a healthy weight loss plan is from your trusted physician. So, if you wish to have a sexy and slim body just like Hollywood stars, you should consult your doctor first before attempting to try any weight loss fad.

The following are the reasons why fad diets are bad for you:

• Usually, bad fad diets promise easy and quick weight loss and are mainly based on consuming more of one kind of food and not another. While there are people who get instant results from these diets, the results are unfortunately not sustained. Sticking to this kind of diet will cause the development of nutritional deficiencies in your body.

• Fad diets are restrictive and boring, so you will surely give up instantly. Your body and mind will play a trick on you and you will start to crave everything that you cannot have. Then, the guilt will set in and you begin to binge.

• To ensure the optimal health of citizens, the American Heart Association has given nutritional recommendations on food. Did you know that most fad diets do not follow these nutritional recommendations and give you low carbohydrates and high fat foods, which if you pursue for a long period of time can lead to heart disease?

• Fad diets that promise instant results are just momentary solutions and don’t help you in making lasting changes to your eating patterns. So, it is important to make permanent modifications to your way of eating. Adding veggies and fruits into your weight loss program and having a good mindset for diet can lead to a dramatic change in your life.

• As aforementioned, engaging in any fad diets will require you not to eat the proper portion of vegetables, fruits, fibers and proteins. Sooner or later, you will just suffer from grave health issues that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Scary, right?

Regardless of the picture and appeal of skinny girls that you see on TV, if their diet plan does not have sound nutrition behind it, it is all a TV glitz. Bear in mind that external beauty is just skin deep, but when you completely love and care for yourself from the inside out, and that includes having a healthy diet, you will feel and look beautiful.

In the succeeding chapters, you will be able to discover the naked truth about fad diets, and why they can do more harm than good.

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