Dad Uses Vacuum To Create Perfect Ponytail For Daughter

reneortnerPublished: July 21, 2014878,716 views
Published: July 21, 2014

Becoming a parent means a lot more than what everyone thinks of right off the bat. Throughout a parent’s day there are so many challenges and barriers that a parent must go through. One of said challenges has to be tying up a ponytails for your daughter. And you are not mom!

You just gotta give it to dads. They might not adept in all things girl related, but their daughters are their greatest joy and they would do anything to spend some more time with them and bond. Even if that means they will learn how to tie their hair in the manliest way possible!

This father has come up with a great solution to this so called problem of tying his daughter’s hair in a ponytail. This must be one of those clever yet funny solutions which not many people can come up with. Take a look as this dad, upon his daughter’s request for a ponytail, takes out a vacuum cleaner and totally work up the magic by making a ponytail in a instant. Makes perfect sense - it won’t snag on the girl’s delicate hair, won’t make any snags by twisting it and it is quicker than one-two-three. This is just too funny!

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