Emotional Toddler Finds Love While Browsing For TVs

Published July 9, 2014 161,530 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsKids can make you smile when you least expect it. Some of their reactions might happen in a split second, which is why their parents should be quick to act and capture that moment to make it last a lifetime. Check this adorable video of the cutest kiss even witnessed on camera!

Little Julian and his father went shopping at Best Buy. Just as they were looking at the newest plasma TV-s, something else caught Julian's attention. It was not a football match, nor the TV commercial. Footage shows the little toddler browsing through the store as if he is looking for something. He knows it is somewhere out there, but it seems he cannot find it. Moments later, it is the moment of truth! The little boy stumbles upon a considerable TV box on which there is something that catches Julian's attention!

And then comes the revealing moment. For the first time in his life, he sees the love of his life making a duck face with her lips sealed and popped, ready for a kiss. The girl on the TV box has curly blond hair, wears a pink hat and seems to prepare her lips to give someone a kiss. At least that is how Julian sees it! What a precious moment!

In a split second, he makes the first move. Oh, boy, what a way to land your first kiss. The whole love of the universe is gathered in that wet smooch. The only problem is that this cute little girl is not real, it is made of cardboard, and it is printed on a TV box. Too bad, Julian seems to have fallen head over heels for this girl, and goes behind the box to try and find her! Love at first sight at its finest moment!

It is such a shame! Julian has so much love to give, but his crush is nowhere to be found. One day when he grows up, he will find the right one for him, and he will keep her forever! Love is an incredible feeling, for which there is no wrong definition, for it surprisingly suits every single individual. Regardless of whether love is between family, companions, or sweethearts, it is a mind-boggling feeling that can be known about a wide range of ways. It’s impressive to see this boy knows about love and affection, even though if it’s not a real girl. This is a fantastic moment!