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Published: May 11, 2014

Hope you cream over this, I spent a lot of time on it! Here be the lyrics -

Chorus - I gave up on cod, cud bo2 lagged, the rehab was easy, cus gta's rad, you keep trying to sway me, go jump out your jet, oh wait you can't, cus that's only in grand, theft auto,

I wanted the streaks, but none of the latency, oh well, I guess beggars can't be choosy, wanted to have a decent game, a nuke streak, wanted to spawn trap the fuck outta noobies, I wanted my dogs and my swarm, over a 100 kills, the hours I put in, I played for too long, but you can't tell me I wasn't deserving, every game I was put in, I faced rage quitting, from the likes of ppl who thought they were all that, chat that shat pat then give in by leaving, cus they saw that the dons got swarm, a whole lotta swagger, and a whole lot more, I'd put the throttle to the floor and go all out, and then to be faced with a connection interruption! I gone and had it cod I'm done, but now it's ghosts turn round, a chance to turn around, and what have I found? I ain't even bought it. the series, and, what have I found...... Well I havnt even bought it, too busy with the gta alien theories,

Call me crazy but I have this vision, that ill one day play cod without no lagging, but until that prophecy has arisen, gta's on play, like a, Comedy Central friends marathon, till I get a Bugatti and a rhino, my heli and a cargo, bob, my job, will not, be finito, and my jobs will not, hopefully be the same old, ones you get over and over yo, back and forth like a yo yo, hell no, now we got heists, to keep the game a goin on, stay fresh and sexy like a beach bum, dlc, rockstar, please keep this shit continuing, cus I don't wanna go back to rage quitting, cus that's all cod did! Made me an angry flid, used to be a mild mannord mother uh with a kid, until the last time I got hit, from a ksg, over 30, meters away, I picked up Sid, and threw him through my window, he landed in front of a BMW, driving 40 mph in a 30 zone, and was dead in an instant! Let that sink in, cod ain't good for ur rage. I killed my own boy over this game, he used to hog the controller tho

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