Little Girl's Priceless Reaction After Tasting An Onion For The Very First Time

Published May 5, 2014 328,727 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsKids can be really funny sometimes. Sure, there are times that you may not see eye to eye, but sometimes little kids can be really hilarious. No wonder videos of babies and young toddlers dominated the internet! They are just so darn cute and adorable! One such funny moment was created in this video here!

The thing about kids is that everything is so new to them. We've all seen their reactions to their first lime, first sour grape and so on, but have you seen a reaction to some onion? An absolutely priceless moment is captured on camera when this little girl tries onion for the very first time. Watch this adorable little girl give an incredibly animated reaction, and in an instant everything seems OK! This charming little girl has put all her trust in her mom as she is trying to convince her daughter that just trying the onion wont to any harm, in fact she might even end up liking it and asking for more.

We all react differently when it comes to trying out new foods, but there's certain tastes out there that make us all react the same way. Watch how this cute little girl reacts after trying raw onion for the first time, most of us have definitely had a similar experience!

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