Grinding On Snowboard Rails Sent Adrenaline Junkie Flying

billybjorkPublished: May 4, 2014Updated: May 5, 2014100,322 views
Published: May 4, 2014Updated: May 5, 2014

This is the stomach-churning moment when one extremely lucky snowboarder engages in snowboard grinding and makes for this epic fail video. While snowboarding at Hyland Hills on a warm springtime weather, Evan Severson took a hard fall after attempting a rail grind. Luckily, he managed to barely avoid a much more painful landing!

In order to grind on snowboard rails, you need to set yourself up to gain enough speed first and wear protection gear to keep you safe and sound. Grinding on snowboard rails should be tackled following the instructions from certified snowboarding coach towards mastering them snowboarding tricks.

If you like winter and extreme sports then you probably are familiar with skiing and snowboarding. Those who attempted these winter sports sure remember their first few days on the mountain, usually followed by joint pain and soreness. This video, of a thrill-seeking boy attempting to rail-grind with his snowboard can freshen up your memories or how painful the experience of doing extreme sports can be.

This unlucky snowboarder takes a huge wipeout at Hyland Hills after pulling off an unintended backflip off a grinding rail. Fortunately, he was not injured in his epic fail. Hey, who knows, maybe the marvellous winterland view helped out a bit.

Snowboarding is a very inviting winter sport that most people feel attracted to and want to give it a try. For more experienced adrenaline junkies, going rail-grinding when on snowboard is a dream come true! However, not every time everything goes as planned, so a little set back or obstacle, can easily send you flying.

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