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Rumble with raoul [and SilverGSuit] -- "...and it all began with a raid..."

A walk down memory lane.

Discussion may include but will not be limited to:

When we look back at the times when everyone was saying "rumble is going to be something great".

In the end it's all just transistors, really. Invisible energy destroys them.

Nothing lasts forever.

Live your reality, not your dreams!

Is Matt Kohrs a heroin addict?

Or is it something.... else?

Shout out to co-host(s) of today's stream:

ASUNATAKEN -- It took him long enough to start streaming, turns out he's really good at it.

Shredfreak Gaming

The Late Show With sophmorejohn


Always a pleasure to have you visit the stream.

Nancy Pelosi has an admirer:

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Rumble Radio

Legendary Lee Canady

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