National Citizens Inquiry | Winnipeg Day 3

National Citizens Inquiry | Winnipeg Day 3 Hearing

Winnipeg Day 3 – April 15

Shawn Buckley 1:04:20 – 1:40:50
Opening Remarks

Cassandra Schroeder 1:41:00 – 2:01:03
Lay Witness
Vaccine mandates preventing her from pursuing her university eductation.

Steve Setka 2:01:28 – 2:20:10
Lay Witness – Freight broker
The effects lockdowns and mandates had on family relationships and social interactions.

Steven Kiedyk 2:20:51 – 2:33:26
Lay Witness - Land surveyor
Vaccine Injury

Devon Sexstone 2:33:50 – 2:47:23
Lay Witness
Lost job and military reserve status due to vaccine mandates.

Leigh Vossen 2:47:50 – 3:17:35
Lay Witness - Founder of Students Against Mandates
Unable to complete university course due to vaccine mandates. Created SAM to help other students across Canada in the same situation.

Mr. Pringle 3:32:55 – 3:56:36 (unable to determine first name)
Lay Witness
Discrimination and family stress due to vaccine mandates. Lost two grandchildren due to miscarriages.

Richard Abbott 3:56:52 – 5:06:38
Expert Witness – Staff Sgt Edmonton Police Officer
The transition from concern about health to coercion and bullying to take vaccine among staff. Lost his job for speaking at rallies at Milk River/Coutts advocating for peaceful protest.

Robert Ivan Holloway 5:49:05 – 6:51:55
Lay Witness - Lawyer
Through extensive research, he determined that the public was being mislead and misinformed, became involved in Freedom Convoy in Winnipeg.

Jessica Kraft 6:52:22 - 7:12:47
Lay witness – Donor Care Associate with Canadian Blood Services
Lost her job due to vaccine mandate.

David Leis (FCPP) 7:13:05 – 8:12:40
Expert Witness – Vice President for Frontier Centre for Public Policy
A passionate analysis of how covid policies have failed the people and our democracy.

Mike Vogiatzakis (Recalled) 8:25:22 – 8:30:33
Lay Witness - General manager of funeral home
Relays a story of opening up his funeral home to a family even though he risked a significant fine and the police were monitoring him across the street.

Kyra Pituley 8:31:05 – 8:51:40
Lay Witness - Student
15 yr old speaks on what it was like as an unvaccinated student and her experiences with the Truckers Convoy.

Michelle Malkoske 8:52:02 – 9:07:50
Lay witness - Nurse
Lost work for 6 months, husband lost work, strained family relationships due to vaccine mandate.

Todd McDougall 9:08:20 - 9:33:18
Lay Witness – Childcare worker
The effects of masking on young children, attended rallies and had to leave his job working with children.

Mike Gagnon 9:34:09 – 9:44:40
Lay Witness - Air Force military
Retired early rather than be dishonourably discharged due to vaccine mandate. Reported many vaccine injuries took place.

Ches Crosbie 9:45:07 – 9:49:43
Commission Administrator
Closing remark

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