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7 months ago

Your child isn’t born as a blank slate on which you get to write a completely new happy life story.

That’s what I used to believe, when I propelled myself into parenthood at the ripe old age of 19.

I had just migrated from Holland and was keen to grow a big happy family in a new country.

New country, newly married, new baby, everything was fresh and new.

I took this as a chance to start afresh, create a wonderful new life, full of love, health and harmony, living in the heart of mother nature, away from the noisy world and its distractions.

Fast forward 12 years later, and the kids and I are listening to an iridologist who had just scrutinised the irises of our entire family of 8.

“You all have massive stresses in your body” she exclaimed.

I felt crushed.

Here we are, living the dream life, and all of us were dealing with a massive amount of suppressed energy, stress and overwhelm.

It showed up as eczema and psoriasis in one child, ADHD in several others, (not that we had a diagnosis at the time) and as sibling rivalry, anxiety, moodiness, food allergies and more.

You name it, my kids had it.

On top of that, Pete suffered from depression, and I was fighting off anxiety (secretly) and suffered from nightmares.

Looking on from the outside, we had it all.

We lived on a farm with cows, ponies, dogs, cats, ducks, pigs and a variety of other animals.

Our closest neighbours were 1 km away.

On the edge of the wilderness we only had ourselves to worry about.

We grew lots of food, and I cooked everything from scratch, and I gave the kids my undivided attention (as much as that is possible with 6 children, and farm chores)

But, instead of living the dream, I was often crushed by guilt.

I could tell everyone had a pressure cooker going on within them.

I blamed everything on myself.

Where had I gone wrong?

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