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Homelessness in America and What Can Be Done

Homelessness is a growing crisis in the United States. We've seen it in major cities like New York and San Francisco for the last several years, but its an issue that's hitting all parts of the country. And it's an issue that shows no signs of slowing down. While liberal politicians fight for reparations and climate change funding, fellow Americans from all backgrounds with different struggles are forgotten about. Addicts who are down bad; Veterans suffering from PTSD and lack of support; Americans who lost all their money to an unpromising economy. There are so many reasons, and yet there's been no national solution implemented.

DML and his family delve into the issue in The United States of Tents. They try to understand what's driving mass homelessness, and how it can be fixed. DML interviews multiple people in this film, from those who are homeless to those who are working to help those who need it. The film crew travels to vastly different areas of the country impacted by homelessness, such as New Jersey, Georgia, Missouri, California, and even Hawaii.

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