Fight Abortion Holocaust Like Christians Resisted Nazis: Seth Gruber

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Christians have a duty to resist the ongoing slaughter of unborn children like German Christians battled the ghastly killings and tyranny of the National Socialist (Nazi) regime, explained White Rose Resistance ( Founder Seth Gruber in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine's Alex Newman. Indeed, there are numerous parallels between the wholesale killing of pre-born children in America and the mass murder perpetrated by National Socialists (Nazis), including dehumanizing victims and the ideological and even religious foundations justifying the horrors. Perhaps even more horrific, Nazis borrowed some of their ideas and even terminology from those Americans who set in motion the eugenics movement and ultimately the mass killings of abortion. There are also parallels to ancient pagan child sacrifice, and this battle is perhaps the most important one raging today. 

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