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In this television segment, we explore with Matthew Ehret, Founder of the Canadian Patriot Review, a) the inherent dangers of the central bank digital currencies to the American people’s economic survival and way of life and b) why Congress must invoke its enumerated power granted in the US Constitution, Article 1 Section 8, to stop the implementation of the central bank digital currencies.

On March 18, 2022, President Biden signed Executive Order 14067, replacing $ currency (paper money, coins, bank notes) with central bank digital currencies (digital). In this Executive Order, President Biden granted the power to issue the central bank digital currencies to the Federal Reserve Bank, a private for-profit corporation engaged in banking business. (See The Federal Reserve Act of 1913). The Federal Reserve Bank works outside the government and has no accountability to the American people.

The Federal Reserve Bank considers the people’s money, a) “Federal Reserve Bank money” b) NOT people’s money even though the accounts are in people’s names and people worked for their money. If this is the case, the central bank digital currency is tantamount to a private taking of private property for private gain, has no legal authority, and a violation of the US Constitution, 5th Amendment, Takings Clause.

The Federal Reserve Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of the central bank digital currencies they call “central bank liability.” This absolute control subjects the American people to: extensive surveillance (digital prison); loss of freedom, privacy, and quality of life; effectively, Americans would lose their hard earned money because its use is subject to permission of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The Federal Reserve Bank will have the technology to enforce the rules and regulations of the central bank digital currencies, such as digital ID’s and microchip implants in the human bodies.

To stop the implementation of the central bank digital currencies, the American people must organize to influence members of Congress to reject the central bank digital currencies and support the efforts of Senators Ted Cruz, Representative Tom Emmer, Senator Mike Braun, Senator Chuck Grassley, and others. Under Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution, Congress has the enumerated power “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures” and “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers.” This power is exclusive to Congress.

Note: https://zeeemedia.com/interview/aman-jabbi-the-final-lockdown-street-lights-that-kill-in-smart-cities-cbdc-digital-id/

The amazing full presentation made by Aman Jabbi with zeeemedia.com regarding the digital ID and how it will be needed to unlock the central bank digital currencies can be watched in the link above.

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