2 months ago

Why Pray for You!!

In this video I share Why it is soo important to pray for you. Really the Most important reason is in this video. Why am I Praying for your Soul as a meaty Prayer Person. I explain that there are those of us who are used to Grid or stand with others in areas of weakness or ignorance, While they are on the brink or are becoming aware of where they need to grow spiritually or need that extra Girding while weak in any area. I will use the Bible to show that prayer of the intercessor has been around since the beginning of time AND, AND that THE Greatest Mediator/Intercessor is Jesus Christ Himself. I will Also show that Jesus Himself Prayed or Interceded for Peter. WHY is PRAYING for your SOUL SOOOOO Vital NOW? It is Literally being Highjacked and you do Not even Know it!! PLEASE Watch and Share. I you NEED Prayer for strength, Healing or encouragement, convo me at kathrynijennings47@gmail.com

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