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πŸ”΄ 24/7 soft sound of rain fall asleep in 10 minutes, lullaby, insomnia solution, ASMR

[The relationship between the sound of rain and sleep]
When you hear the sound of rain, the energy is concentrated in the delta wave between brain waves.
Delta waves are the dominant brain waves in deep sleep.
At this point, the brain releases a lot of therapeutic growth hormone.
The sound of rain stimulates the autonomic nerves in our body to calm the mind and aid sleep.
Among the natural sounds of white noise, the sound of rain leads to sound sleep.
The sound of rain induces sleep, relieves insomnia and reduces stress.
Helps improve focus and overcome sleep disorders.
I wish you happiness and peace
Adjust the volume appropriately to get better sound.
Dim the screen after an hour for a better sleep
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