H-1B Visa Use and Abuse - Dena Moore, ex-Disney worker

11 months ago

Dena Moore, ex-Disney worker, discusses H-1B Visa Use and Abuse and how the H-1B system is being used to outsource and displace American workers. The ultimate objective is to offshore and export American jobs overseas.

Dena Moore is considered a Microsoft Systems, data and software guru. During the course of her career, she has taken over 20 Microsoft Technical exams and holds seven different credentials. At Disney, she was one of the few system subject-matter experts for company-wide challenges. Using her skills for making processes as efficient as possible, she has improvised, developed and worked on new designs for many companies including Disney, Ashland Oil, and Bank One. Dena entered the IT field in 1980, when it was not popular for women, sat on IT Group Board of Directors and has mentored many she worked with. After a 10-year career at Disney, Dena was required to train a H1B worker who would work at her desk, in her office, after she was fired.

This presentation was given at the September, 2016 Social Contract Writers Workshop in Washington, DC.

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