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Jordan Maxwell 2020 - Jesuit Gatekeepers. Knights of Malta, Nazis and Jesuits

Jordan Maxwell 2020 - Jesuit Gatekeepers. Knights of Malta, Nazis, Jesuits and the British Crown/Rothschild Alliance

Vatican Spies and Assassin's


The Jesuits we're founded by Ignatius of Loyola, a Crypto Jew who had been a member of the first incarnation of the Illuminati in Spain called the Aluminados

To avoid persecution by the Catholic Church, Loyola Vowed Absolute Loyalty to the Pope and to serve as his Private Army of Assassin's and Defenders of Vatican Authority.

Anyone who threatened that Authority was an Enemy and were thus Targeted.

Especially Protestants. The ideals presented by Reformation and Free Thinking that began with the Renaissance had to be Destroyed

The Fake Jews were already Master Infiltrators. This the Jesuits soon Infiltrated every Establishment or Group of Power. They were so successful they became a threat to the Vatican itself.

After the Jesuit Order was Abolished by the Pope, they Created the Bavarian Illuminati to reestablish their place within the Catholic Church, but sought to Overthrow all Monarchies, World Governments and Religions that did not Submit to Vatican Authority.

The Knights of Malta ARE the Nazis

The Vatican were the Overseers of Nazi Infiltration into America after World War 2

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