2 months ago

Mark Thalhamer Story - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

Jacqui joins us to talk about what happened to her husband Mark in an American Hospital regarding Covid Protocols. "I will start by telling you my name. My name is Jacqui Thalhamer and I live in Pueblo West Colorado. I am still employed in law enforcement but my husband had been retire from Pueblo Police Department for 5 years after serving 34 years on the Department. On November 05, 2020, I rushed my husband Mark to Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo Colorado for Covid. When I arrived there, they placed oxygen on him, placed him in a wheelchair to take him to be treated. I asked if I could go with him but they denied my request due to "Covid Protocol"."

Read more about this heartbreaking story and others at https://chbmp.org/cases/murdered-by-fda-death-protocol/mark-wayne-thalhamer/

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