LIVE: Lt. Colonel EXPOSES Depopulation Agenda, Reveals Dark Truth Behind DOD Epidemiology Database

Published September 30, 2022 23,898 Views
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U.S. Army Lt. Col, Pete Chambers joins to detail the workings of the World Government cabal! The plandemic, the vaccines, the military, and the media are all TOOLS for the Satanist Elites to control US!

Karen Vanderjagt joins to expose the corrupt funding behind local "pride tours" in Arizona, and the Elite's tactics to destabilize the family! Karen's group representing the children were called BIGOTS for protesting the trans craze!

Ask Dr. Jane hits the air to answer to truth behind the plandemic, the lies of the PCR tests, and the dangers of vaccine shedding!

Mike Dillon joins to share his life saving filtration systems from, that are designed to keep YOU and your family safe from the depopulation agenda!

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